Friday, June 3, 2016

Storytelling via Movietalk

La broma: Ay Vamos

Storytelling is at the heart of TPRS: learn vocabulary structures in context that is comprehensible to the learner and they will acquire language more quickly.

Sometimes kids need to have a change up in routine to keep things novel and interesting. I found this awesome song that has been at the top of the Latin charts for awhile and found the video to be awesome. There is so much we can talk about in here. Many of the words are words that they already know, but we are putting a twist to it with the past perfect tense. We focused on those structures and told the story of Ay Vamos.

I used the slideshow below to front load the story and vocabulary. I paused the actual music video and took some screenshots to focus on certain scenes. We added some details and minor circling to reinforce it. After, we watched the video in its entirety and sang the song throughout the week. They had a new connection to it and really got into the pranking that happened in the storyline. 

After the presentation, they were more easily able to use the present perfect to understand the next story's vocabulary and we flew right through it! 

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