Thursday, June 2, 2016

FVR: Battle of the Books

Confession: I'm a book junkie! I just love books and have thus accumulated a rather large library of books, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, comic books, and other reading material of various levels. Whenever I travel, I usually bring back authentic reading material. When I first heard about Free Voluntary Reading (FVR) you can imagine how excited I got!!
This year I implemented a FVR project in my Spanish III classes during the fall semester. We did various accountability activities such as recording what you read and reactions to that reading, book reports and the like. This spring, I turned it up a notched and we did a Battle of the Books competition. I pretty much have a copy of all the TPRS books so this seemed logical to use these. I knew they would be at the students' reading level and that they had read a few of them in previous classes.

I set up a document for them to start with, make a copy and share with their team. I checked off the books that should have read in their previous levels of Spanish according to the curriculum set at the district. Students were given 10-20 minutes to read 2-3 times each week. We even had a "Read and Feed" a couple of times.

After a semester of FVR, the team assembled and battled it out! As usual Battle of the Books style, some teams were more successful than others, but we all had fun.

I wrote questions for each book. After the initial round, I tried to pair them up according to the number of questions they got right, hoping this would make for a good, friendly competition. Teams were given 30 seconds to answer. A correct answer was awarded 5 points. If they were incorrect, the question went to the other team who had a chance to steal it for 3 points. Winners moved along the bracket to the championship round. It was a fun way to end a semester of FVR!



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