Saturday, April 16, 2016

La corrida

After viewing a blog post from Profe Tauchman, Running Dictation, I wanted to replicate the game with my students. We had to review another chapter from our book. This seemed like a great way to get in more reps in an active way so that students couldn't be complacent and take a back seat. It was also a game that I had not played with them yet.

The desks were arranged in pods of 4. As students entered the room, they were instructed to choose a seat with students they could work with productively. One we got started, students were explained the jobs of each person and they could choose which job they wanted. Each pod had one individual marker board and a marker.

El corredor - this person runs to me at the front of class to see the sentence. He can return to see the sentence as many times as necessary to get it correct.
El secretario - has the marker and board, writing exactly what the corredor tells her. She can ask questions, ask for clarification, or for the corredor to return to the front to see the sentence again.
El dibujante - takes the marker and board from the secretario to draw an obvious picture of the sentence. All parts should be included and clear visualization of the sentence.
El maestro - is in charge of being sure that everything is spelled correctly, and eventually raises the board for affirmation of answer.

Once a board was raised, I would indicate to each group if they had a typo or needed a clearer picture. No specifics were given about where the typo was or what needed to be added or changed about the picture. The first correct answer was awarded a point for their team.

Once a team won a point, we discussed additional information about the sentence, including as many structures as possible.

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