Saturday, March 5, 2016

El engañabobo

I have been on a quest to create as many different activities for reading comprehension as I can. I have stolen many great ideas from some amazing CI educators. At the iFLT conference last summer in Minnesota, someone presented an imposter activity. While I don't remember the exact details of what was presented without referring to my notes, it sparked an idea for an activity that I needed.

I took small details from the chapter we were reading and grouped them into lists of four. The students received four papers, each on different colored paper, numbered 1-4. One at a time, they saw each list and raise the paper corresponding to the numbered engañabobo. Here's an example from chapter 7 of La Hija del Sastre:

1.Emilia pensaba mucho en Ignacio.
2.Emilia estaba con mucha ilusión del regreso de Ignacio.
3.Emilia usó las fantasías para trabajar más.

4.Emilia quería besarle a Ignacio.
It was easy to quickly assess their understanding of what they read. A few questions revealed some misunderstandings that the students had so we were able to discuss these and get them back on track. It was really a fun activity for both the students and the teacher. 

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