Friday, February 19, 2016

Valentine's Poetry

In Spanish IV we have a day each week that we focus on developing writing skills. For Valentine's Day, or close to it, I like to have the students do an alternative activity in which they write poetry. It's a nice break to the usual routine while continuing to develop their writing skills.

I can write on a variety of topics.

Part 1: flores
Each student receives a flower as she enters the room. Students are directed to pluck each petal, one by one, reciting the stream of "he loves me; he loves me not".

Part 2: poesía
Students receive a list of the structures for their poetry. They practice these, using the different tenses, creating 3-5 poems. Some students will write about a loved one, a pet, or even a thing that they love such as pizza or desserts.

Part 3: Valentines
Finally, they will create and decorate their own valentines with the poetry that they wrote. These are then displayed in the classroom.

Here is the end result of the valentine poetry writings.

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