Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Berto y sus buenas ideas

My Spanish I kids have been asking for a project to do. Of course it comes with lots of stipulations like:
a) it can't be stupid
b) it can't take a lot of time
c) it has to be fun
d) it can't be worth a lot of points
e) etc

So, we are reading the book Berto y sus buenas ideas. We are getting into the last chapter. Spoiler alert: Berto really does decide he likes school and goes back. Sorry everyone.

To summarize the book after reading the last chapter, students will write 5 sentences to talk about why he doesn't like escuela, who he met at the estadio, what he saw in the Museo del Prado, what he ate at the pastelería, and what happened in lake at the Parque Retiro.

Using the basic Berto shape below, students will write their summaries on Berto. Additional items can be added if wanted. Each appendage will be a different chapter in the book. However, the middle heart, what he realizes in the end, is that he really loves school. The heart will be chapter 6 summary.

Below is an example I made to show the students. There are examples of writing directly on the appendages (arms, legs, head) and also on the other items that represent each place he went. The curly hair pieces each have a summarizing statement, the lines in the pastry have summarizing statements, and the hexagons in the soccer ball have summarizing statements.

Once they are done creating their Berto, they will match up, and with partner 1 read their summary to chapter 1. With partner 2, read summary to chapter 2. With partner 3, read summary to chapter 3, and so on. They will listen to their partner each time, being sure that they are using correct structures and accurate summary.

After reading the book, summarizing the chapters, writing, reading and listening to summarizing sentences, students will do a proficiency write - 100 words in 5 minutes. I can't wait to see the results! We will be posting these in the room. Hopefully I remember to post a picture of our Bertos when they are done. This lesson has so many ACTFL standards it's exciting to see how it will turn out.

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