Friday, August 28, 2015

The Proficiency Journey

Earlier this summer Musicuentos posted this blog; Carrie Toth posted a picture of her bulletin board on twitter; Amy Leonard posted some summative proficiency scales in collaboration with Greg Duncan.

I combined all these into a mini lesson/bulletin board of my own that runs through the middle of series of cultural pictures, that is titled "The Proficiency Journey". There is a man with a briefcase that starts the journey (novice low) by sitting, then as he proceeds through the different levels one can see him standing, walking, running, and confident hands in the air.

We spent some time talking about the different proficiency levels, using anecdotal descriptions for tacos to better understand each one. Once the students understood the levels and about where students of each level might be placed, they were given a push pin. After identifying where they thought their skill was, they placed their pin in the location along the path.

It is my goal to have them reevaluate their skills two to three times per quarter. It may be that their pin continues forward along the journey, but it may be that they readjust their pin to a lower level. We will always be tweaking where we are most comfortable. Ultimately, I'd love to have them take the APPL test to truly evaluate their proficiency level. 

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