Thursday, March 7, 2013

Free 1:1 Ideas for PE

Recently an administrator solicited ideas for the district's Physical Education department to integrate some technology.  Below is the result of my brainstorm for just this department.  These are all free suggestions that wouldn't cost a district any money.  I'm sure there are many more so please add additional suggestions!

1. fitness calendar - google form created by teacher for students to record their daily exercise regimen, caloric intake, more - goes to teacher who records

2. flipclass - students watch videos at home about rules, techniques, come to class ready to answer questions and begin play

3. journal/blog - students blog about their fitness, how exercise X is helping them become more fit, stronger, more flexible, other.  This could be a structured post given by the teacher or they could have a "free write" or middle ground of open-ended questions.  This may be a place to also record type of exercise, pros/cons, level of difficulty, reaction, more. 

4. current events - kids love to watch and talk about sports.  Have them blog about what is happening in sports right now (Pistorious would be a hot topic I'm sure this quarter!)  This could be a weekly or regular activity, such as every 2 weeks.

5. Self-evaluation - students record themselves through video playing a certain sport, lifting weights, or other fitness activity.  They critique their form, effectiveness or other components they are trying to learn.  They could even post them online and critique others in a group forum of sorts.

6. Class Spreadsheet - for the competitive kids: those who want to participate can log their goals, and try to beat not only themselves, but other in class.  Who can do the most situps in 1 min? Who can do the most burpees in 1 minute?  This could be a progress check at the beginning, middle and end of the quarter or semester, maybe biweekly.

7. Fitness Movies - at the end of the quarter or class, students choose their favorite activity that they did and make a fitness video about it to be published.  This may include the rules, proper form, health benefits, and perhaps healthy eating choices.  They could solicit friends to help them be participants in the video, but the student is the writer, director, and producer.

8. Twitter - post X# tweets or links about healthy eating, benefits of exercise, etc.

9. Documentary - similar to a work out video, but have it be a life story of someone (self?).  This is my exercise history.  These are the choices I have made in my life to be in the shape I am in today.  This is what I have learned in this class.  This is how I am going to make better choices starting today.  This is where I hope to be next year at this time.

10. Skype - Try to get a professional or college athlete to skype with the class.  What are his/her ideas about fitness?  What does a typical workout look like?  What is a typical day's menu to keep fit? How does one juggle home life and fitness routine?  If a teenager wanted to become a college/professional athlete, what steps should s/he take to become successful?

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